Current governance structure, collaborations and partnerships

TAHS continues to be based at the University of Melbourne with Shyamali Dharmage as the current principal investigator and has now expanded into a national collaborative program

The respiratory project is a partnership between the University of Melbourne, Menzies Research Institute, Monash University, Universities of Queensland, NSW and WA, administered jointly by the University of Melbourne and Menzies Research Institute, co-directed by Shyamali Dharmage and Haydn Walters. Although originally a study of respiratory disease, because of the population-based nature of the cohort, the length of follow-up the and the opportunities for a general health study, TAHS research is now extending to other areas such as breast cancer, eye disease and social science. TAHS is managed by a steering committee that is responsible for developing policies related to access to data and biological specimens, authorship and expansion of research into other areas.