TAHS current research program (2002 to date)

The TAHS research program is comprised of a number studies both completed and ongoing. We are now conducting another two follow-up studies of the probands as well as a parental follow-up. All these follow-up studies are further described below.

Ongoing studies

TAHS 6th Decade Follow-up Study

Past studies

The first step of the current research program was to start tracing all 45,900 people who participated in the original survey. We also computerised the 1974 and 1979 data, school medical records of 8,500 probands and birth records of nearly 3,000 probands. We then completed a survey of all 8,500 probands (lung function testing on 1500) and a survey of all siblings (lung function testing and genetics on 2000).

To date research conducted within this program has been funded by four NHMRC project grants, four grants from Asthma Foundations in Victoria, Tasmania and Queensland, two Clifford Craig Trust grants, a GSK grant, a Lew Carty grant, two Royal Hobart Hospital Research Trust grants, two University of Melbourne research grants, a NHMRC scholarship, an APA scholarship, a Melbourne Research scholarship, a Sypkes Trust Fellowship, two Melbourne University Career Development Awards, two NHMRC training fellowships and two NHMRC Career Development Awards.