What is TAHS

In 1968, all 8,583 Tasmanian school children born in 1961 were surveyed for asthma and respiratory disorders with a questionnaire filled out by their parents. These children also had a medical examination including breathing tests. This group of participants are referred to as the 1961 birth group. Their 16,266 parents and 21,043 of their brothers and sisters (siblings) were also asked about their respiratory health using separate questionnaires.

Subsequently, three follow-up studies on either all or part of the 1961 birth group have been conducted when the participants were aged 13, 20 and 31 years.

1974 follow-up: a questionnaire was mailed to 7,980 members of the 1961 birth group (then aged 13 years) with 7,132 responding. From these, 851 individuals participated in a clinical study that included breathing tests and height and weight measurements.

1981 follow-up: the participants of the 1974 clinical study (aged 20 years) were asked to participate in a postal survey and 658 responded. Of these, 218 participated in a clinical study, which included breathing tests and measurements of height, weight and blood pressure.

1992 follow-up: 1,723 participants from the 1961 birth group (aged 31 years) were asked to take part in a survey, and 1,494 subjects participated by completing a questionnaire on themselves and their children.

2002- to date: Since 2002, a major follow-up program of all the participants of the 1968 study was commenced. The studies that have been nested within this program include the 40-follow-up of the 1961 birth group (called probands), Sibling follow-up, Parents follow-up, the BHR study and the Breast Density Study (include hyperlinks to the description of these studies).