Proband Follow-up

This was the first follow-up of the TAHS current research program.

This project was designed to improve our understanding of the causes of chronic respiratory diseases (CRDs) in adults. CRDs are clearly a major public health problem, but there were no good data on the natural history and risk factors for these diseases. Regular follow-up through childhood to adulthood is the best method to examine these factors, but such data were lacking due to difficulties in conducting long-term studies. The TAHS is one of the world’s most important resources of such information. Information on all respiratory problems was collected in all the follow-ups, although the main focus of the TAS until this follow-up has been asthma. The probands of TAHS have now reached the age at which all CRD as a group are beginning to inflict an increasing disease burden, which will become greater in the next two decades. Hence, TAS provided an ideal opportunity to examine the potential risk factors and natural history of and of CRDs using data collected in the past and new data collected at this follow-up.

We traced 88% of the original probands, 78% of these responded to a postal survey. A subgroup of 2373 participants were invited for a laboratory study and 60% of them attended our laboratories located in Tasmania, Victoria, NSW, and Queensland. Click here for a link to a list of our publications.